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Merkur Standard Safety Razor with Bar #33C

Merkur Standard Safety Razor with Bar #33C

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Item #: 100639965
Price: $32.00
Brand: Merkur Razor
Availability: Usually ships the next business day.
Customer Review Average:

Country Of Origin: Germany

Size: 2.5 Inches

This is the razor that men the world over have learned to shave with for nearly one hundred years. Still one of the best available on the market today. This open comb safety razor will permit the closest shave possible while still offering maximum protection from razor rash. A very good choice for safety razor users with tough or very heavy beards.

How To Use: Use with your favorite double edge blade and shaving cream for a smooth, clean shave.

Product Reviews
- Rick S.

Comment: I bought this razor about a month ago, and it is the first safety razor I have ever used, and just to start out I will never go back to my Gillette mach 3 after using this. Just to let you know I was the kind of guy that would shave maybe twice a week, now I have been shaving daily, and because of that many family and friends have notices. Many of them have come up to rub my face and are thinking of buy one for them self's, even more when I tell them how much it cost for the blades, and I also want to give a shout out to Details For Men I got my order very quick and the price for this razor was very cheap, I looked on other webs for the same razor and some wanted this one for $49.00
- Paul F.

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