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Biomend Anti-Oxidant Capsules

Biomend Anti-Oxidant Capsules

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Item #: 718122433483
Price: $24.00
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Country Of Origin: U.S.A.

Size: 60 Capsules

Broad-Spectrum All-Natural Anti-Oxidant Anti-oxidants, as the name implies, protect your body’s cells from oxidation, which produces destructive free radicals that tear down cell walls and inhibit your body’s cells from working properly. Improper cell function can lead to a host of health abnormalities and can also make any exercise and nutrition program much less effective. Anti-oxidants counter the effects of these free radicals by removing agents that form them, allowing for improved cellular health, regeneration and nourishment. Bio-Mend is a broad-spectrum anti-oxidant formula, scientifically engineered to employ nature’s most powerful ingredients for maximum cellular protection against free-radical damage. Bio-Mend contains a potent blend of natural extracts that focuses on a number of nutritive processes, for improved health and well-being. * Neutralizes Free Radicals * Supports a Healthy Metabolism * Boosts the Immune System Functions * Improves Cardiovascular Health * Initiates Repair of Damaged Cells

How To Use: 2 Capsules Per Day.

Key Ingredients: Grapeseed Extract, Acai Berry, Quercetin, Strawberry Exyract, Blueberry Extract, Hawthorne Berry Extract.

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