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Men's Grooming: Leg Shaving for Speed, Sleekness and Sensuality

More men are shaving their legs to avoid bearded leg problems.


It's a well-known fact some men have hairier bodies than others. The most famous "bearded" body stories have to do with hairy backs. However, as any male cyclist or swimmer will tell you, thick hair on legs can be even more of a problem...and more of a turn-off for women.


Men's Hygiene: Less Leg Hair, Less Grossness

Hairy legs on men can be the cause of ingrown hairs in the most embarrassing and uncomfortable places (inner thighs).


For another thing, like pubic hair, hair on men's upper legs is usually enclosed in clothing and subjected to moisture from perspiration and body oils, which can create bacteria and cause odor. Yuck. Not real appealing in more ways than one.


Less Men's Leg Hair, More Speed

The most commonly noted reason for removal of men's leg hair is speed. Bicyclists, runners and swimmers in particular will tell you less leg hair means more speed in their chosen sport. It's debatable whether the physics of less leg hair supports the reality of more speed, but it's like any placebo--if it works mentally, why argue.


In fact, the mental support for less men's leg hair includes tradition--the tradition practiced by certain famous men athletes of shaving legs before a big game, race or meet. It's a part of the mental game. It might make your opponents think you are just crazy enough to win. Or if you are serious enough to shave your legs, so you probably are willing to make other sacrifices to win.


Practical Side of Men Shaving Legs

Regardless of whether shaved legs on men makes them faster or gives them a psychological edge, no one will argue that smooth skin on your legs minimizes the complications of injury.


Cyclists have long known road rash from crashes can be less serious, easier to treat and more hygienic if a man's legs are shaven. In the case if internal injuries to muscles and ligaments, for example, sleek legs are much easier to massage--and much more comfortable during massage for the massage-ee.


Vain Side of Men's Shaven Legs

Finally, just as shaving private parts can make those private parts look bigger and more defined, when men shave their legs, it reveals the fine cut of carefully conditioned muscles and the overall beguiling shape of the leg. Makes you want to take up cycling just to fish for compliments, doesn't it?


Men's Shaving Tips: Easy Ways to Shave Legs

Men can take pointers from women for shaving legs.


* Use short, careful strokes around the lower leg, knee and upper parts of the leg, where there are many more curves and crannies to maneuver around.

* Stretch out the area of the leg you are working on. Tighter skin is less likely to get nicked.

* On the long, smooth parts of the leg, use long strokes to make the shave quicker and make it less likely you'll miss some spots.

* Be careful not to shave strips of skin off of your shins, where the bone is directly under the skin.


On the other hand, the hair on men's legs is likely much thicker and coarser than on women's legs. For that reason, shaving men's legs is more like shaving a beard than a woman's leg. Borrow these tips from men's face shaving for a more successful shave of your legs:


* Use a thick-cream based men's shaving preparation to protect the skin from the blade.

* If you have trouble nicking skin around ankles, knees and and private parts as you shave, consider using a premium shaving oil instead, so you can more easily see what you are doing as you shave.

* If the hair on your legs is unusually thick, you might need to complete a rough leg shave first, then go back over the area to clean up leftover leg hair.


The Final Clincher of Men's Leg Shaving: Sensuality

Once again, as with shaving of pubic hair, shaving of legs creates a higher sensitivity for amorous activities. It can't hurt to get the hair out of your way when you are trying to get as close as possible to the one you love. Smooth equals sensual.


For many men, this is reason enough to take on the task of leg shaving. Add to that the prospect of fresher grooming, with a sweeter taste and smell, and your partner will thank you for the effort.


Are you enough of a rebel to try men's leg shaving as a part of your men's skin care routine? If so, shake a leg and log in to to find many fine shaving products to help you get the job done right.